We have experience in managing procurement direct, including acceptance of risk for supply, as well as project management.
supply, as well as project management. We are eager to break the mold on how things have always been done and rely on the most up to date technology and alternate procurement activities to ensure our clients get the best product, on time and on budget.

Factories we’re partnered with also carries residential lines of the products being offered to large projects, Anaheim-Werden introduces suitable products to the retail market via its e-commerce channels.

Our people
Our people are experienced and personable with a strong track record of delivering on time and on budget. Our track record speaks for itself.
How we conduct business Our customer and quality are always the end goal for us. We get to know the environment you work in with a style that is flexible, transparent, dynamic and stable.
We are responsible Flexible and creative, at the heart of what we do is a respect for our clients and each other, seeing the value in what everyone brings to a project.

Our team consists of experienced procurement agents who are fully integrated and engaged in the process. Many members of our team are former designers and hospitality industry professionals including founder Tufan Tabak. All members of our team live and breathe our company motto of accuracy, integrity, and reliability, and all decisions are based on the best interest of the client.
AWL specializes in commercial exterior hardscapes, in-room textiles (including mattress) nd interior products (furniture and décor elements). We work with Design firms & Architects, Hoteliers, Developers, Contractors, Builders, Installers with a core competence in unique & high quality and technical products.
Our main business is based out of Orlando, FL – USA with purchasing offices in Turkey.
We offer:
- Project design and know/how
- Product development and sourcing
- Quality Assurance & Testing
- Scheduling and interim storage
- Logistics
- On-site support
Projects we work with:
- Hotels
- Serviced Apartments
- Student Accommodation
- Co-living
- Commercial
- Government Contracts
- Hospitality
- Senior Living
- Government Contracts
- Social Spaces and more.